Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

This section provides further information about our Asset Management Service. We invite you to contact us should your question not be addressed here under.

  • ABFX offers the opportunity to invest in what we believe to be a unique trading system developed by highly experienced forex specialists.
  • It offers full transparency enabling the monitoring of all trades and charting evolution of the performance, as well as other personalized statistics.
  • It is fully trade by our forex experts and constantly monitored by our forex management team and IT Specialists.
  • In order to minimize risk no open positions are kept overnight. Trading hours are between 5am and 02.30am (IST).
  • Profits and losses are booked every day in your base currency.
  • We only require a 48-hour notice for any withdrawal or account closure.
  • The system trades predominantly in major currency pair being the most liquid currency pair. However, the Standard Strategy also includes a small element of cross currency pair which research has established is an excellent contributor to performance without providing for additional risk.
  • Transactions are executed at regular intervals during the day in order to keep a pulse on market movements and can be performed as often as every 5 minutes.
  • Trade size will normally be very small but will increase to bigger positions as the day evolves.
  • In order to maximize performance trades will be executed on the interbank rates ABFX obtains from its counterparties and in accordance with the ABFX Trading Conditions Table.
  • All transactions are pre-hedged in the market.
  • ABFX Limited does not guarantee any future returns.
  • Although past performance should not be considered a guarantee of the future, we do have statistics which show that, given the proper market conditions, the ABFX Asset Management service can generate significant return on investment over the medium to long term.
  • As detailed on this website, our Asset Management service will perform at its best, and can be highly profitable when the forex market forms a clear trend during a trading day.
  • The system will best perform with large daily movements in the forex market, while range trading conditions will show a tendency for the service to underperform and suffer a negative performance.

Our commission structure is very attractive since we only charge a performance forex commission on profit made regular periods and only if the performance is in excess of the High Water Mark level. ABFX also offers clients the possibility of selecting between two performance commission structures, on the basis of either the:

  • A. Profit sharing ratio on the excess investment; or
  • B. Constant 5-7.5% monthly on the deposited amount.

Please contact us for more details.

  • Yes
  • However, unless we hear from you in writing, profits **will not** be automatically reinvested at the end of your managed period. You may withdraw your profits at any time, however, since our Asset Management Service is designed to perform in the medium to long term, we strongly advice to avoid short term movements on your account as it may affect your overall performance.
  • There will be no withholding tax on your profits in Asia and Middle East.
  • It will be up to you to declare the revenues in your country.
  • Register your interest online by completing the Open an account section
  • We will contact you to answer your questions and guide you through the Account Opening Application
  • You will need to:
    • Print and sign the documents
    • Attach a copy of your Passport/Incorporation Documents, etc (as the case may be)
    • Attach a copy of your Proof of Address
    • Send the documents to us by mail or post
  • Yes. ABFX will only trade our client accounts behalf of the clients.
  • You will be able to monitor the accounts through the same online secure access.
  • A high water mark (or “loss carry-forward provision”) is applied by ABFX to its performance forex commission calculation.
  • This means that ABFX charges a performance forex commission only on either
    • the performance in profit made on minimum monthly benchmark once any prior negative monthly performances have been considered; or
    • the increase in value of your investment once any prior negative monthly performances have been considered.
  • This is better understood by following the examples displayed in the Performance Forex Commission Calculation