Partners and Affiliates

Get paid for new client referrals with the ABFX Partnership Program. Take advantage of free marketing tools to promote ABFX Asset Management Services on your website.

ABFX Partnerships

ABFX offers a Partnership Program to individuals, corporations and websites that introduce new clients to our Asset Management Service. Proven Strategy is our unique service; therefore clients never have to execute a single trade. Partners will be paid by ABFX on the basis of business introduced, through one of two reward structures:


a percentage on net funds introduced


a percentage share of the ABFX performance forex commissioned earned


Please fill out an application form for formal participation to the partnership program. Once your application has been approved, ABFX will send you a Partner Agreement, which requires a signature. You will also receive a special access code to download free marketing tools, including widgets and banners to help promote ABFX and increase your referral rate.

Current Partners

ABFX is proud of its long-term relationship with the Gulf Business Magazine. Gulf Business features multiple ABFX asset management banners on-site.



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